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name: Julia
age: I'll be fifteen tomorrow
location: Espoo, it's in southern Finland
favorite sound: Ooh... this is a nice question. I like sounds that go swoosh or snap and grusch and glack and bleep and blop but maybe most of all I like sounds that... gah this is hard to explain. Listen to Depeche Mode's Sea of Sin and Higher Love, Backlash's Fix.. and you should know what I mean. All right, you probably won't listen to those. So, it's the type of sound (or melody) that does this kind of... triangular thing, it's not exactly smooth, heavy on bass. Songs with a line of melody like that always hit me hard.
Another thing I love is hearing my parents, or whoever, chatting, when I've already gone to bed. It's comforting!
the most beautiful thing you've ever seen: Dave Gahan. I know it's geeky to say that of my favorite bands singer but it's true! Obviously that's not the only beautiful thing out there - there are tons - but it's one of the most prominent in my life.
why you came here: I love the world! Or umm not, but I'm getting there. Hopefully joining your fascinating group of treehuggers will help me not forget about that goal.
you're thoughts on anything you want: love love love
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